Friday, August 6, 2010

The Pool at the Club

So my sister and her husband are members of the Abilene Country Club which is great for us because we can go swimming at the pool there whenever we want!! It is a really cool pool area, they have a really big kiddy pool that Fox can touch in, then they have a regular pool that is even bigger and it has two slides, then they have a diving pool with two diving boards!! Fox loved to jump off the side to me!! It is so dang cute, he'll say " ready one, two, three, GO!" And he could do it over and over and over!!

Haley always gets cold when she has been swimming for awhile, so she will lay on the cement to warm up, silly girl!!

Fox thought it would be fun to layout with my Mom and my sister Thora!! What a cute little boy!!

Fox and Weston LOVE to play in the water with their Uncle Troy!!! Especially since their Daddy isn't here :( But it is seriously so fun to go and swim at the Club!! I'm sure we will be there a lot this summer!

Jump House

So me and my sister and her sister-in-law decided to try out this bounce house place here in Abilene a few weeks ago, and it turned out to be really fun! They have a whole bunch of different bounce houses and a little bounce house play area for little guys like Fox! But Fox liked the big play area too!! Haley and Melia, in one of the houses, they could have played there all day!
Here's Aria, Lexi, and Weston taking a slide all at the same time!!

Fox was in Heaven!! He could run and jump on everything!! It was really cute, we wil definitely be going back!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sassy Shoes

My little Fox has always loved to try on shoes, especially my shoes!! When I saw him put these on I just had to get some pictures! I think it is so funny that he would pick my sassiest shoes to try on and walk around in!!!

He walks pretty well in them too, he is so funny!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Skyler!

I was also finally able to meet my friend Susanna's baby Skyler! He was born on Weston's birthday April 6th, and is just as cute as an be!! I am loving babies right now!!!
Fox LOVED holding little Skyler, he would help him keep his binkie in his mouth, and if I tried to take Skyler away he would say, " no baby, baby"

I don't think Skyler minded Fox holding too much, at least he was a good sport about it!

Weston loves babies too!

Lincoln Wesley Brown

So I finally got to meet my new little nephew!! I was able to see him the day after I got here on June 1st!! He is so cute and little and happy!!! I love him so much already!!

Here he is with his Beautiul Mommy, my sister Heather. I think he looks just like her! He is almost 3 months old and both he and my sister are doing so well!!

Haley and Weston just love him and were so excited to hold him!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Cut

So this happened about a month ago, but most of my family doesn't know about it, so
I thought I would write about it! I was actually going to sign up for the 10k race on the base. I also had to run some other errands that day. So I got to the Fitness Center and when I got out of the car I realized I hadn't locked it, so I reached in the passenger side door and locked it and quickly shut it, except I failed to pull my forehead out of the way in time, so the corner of the door smacked me in the head. At first I thought it was nothing, until I looked in the mirror and saw the blood ooozing from the gash. Great, I was thinking, Haley was with me so we walked into the gym with a bleeding cut on my forehead and asked to sign up for the race, it really started hurting and I felt a little light headed, the girls at the desk said it looked pretty bad so they called the paremedics. Well when they got there, they didn't speak any English and all they did was stick a bandaide on my head!! Nice!! Well signed up for the race and finished running my errands for the day. It healed pretty good but now I definitely have a scar, it really stinks!!!

I took this picture the next day before we went to church. Nice that it is rigt in the middle of my forehead right!!

Happy Birthday Weston!

Weston turned 6 this year! I can't believe how big he is getting!! We had a family celebration on his actual birthday, April 6th, we had his favorite meal, PIZZA, and cake and ice cream for dessert, YUMMY! He opened his presents and that was it!!!

The following Saturday we had his friend party! He wanted to swim, so we went to my friends pool and had all of his friends and their families come play!!! Weston had a blast, and I think everyone else had fun too!!! It was a perfect sunny day and everything went perfectly except......

..... the beautiful cupcakes I made were attacked by ants!! You can't tell in this picture but they are covered in ants, the kind that bite!! So I had to dump them in the garbage, there was no hope in saving them! Luckily two of the dads that were there, Ben and Sheldon, ran to the store and got a chocolate cake to replace them, thanks guys!!!

Weston is so lucky to have such good friends here and so am I!!!
A couple things about Weston now that he is 6 years old, he is very smart and is in the advanced group in his class for both reading and math!! He loves to play any kind of Star Wars game, and play with any kind of action figure, he is a very sweet older brother and loves to hug and kiss and play with Fox, he is very loving and sweet to his mommy, yes he is a Mama's boy, and he loves having his back scratched and being sung to at night, he loves reading scriptures at night and any other book, and has a very silly sense of humor!! I absolutely adore my sweet Weston and I am so glad he is mine!!